Unmatched Advantages of Synthetic Fabric Conveyor Belts
A perfect combination of quality raw materials, modern technology, experienced manpower and elaborate quality assurance measures, ensure taht NEELKANTH conveyor belts have the following unmatched advantages -
Higher Strength & Lower Weight
Reinforced with high tensile synthetic fabric, NEELKANTH belts can carry higher loads and meet high tension requirements, with less number of plies which keeps the weight of the belts low. Effectively, it means lower power consumption and longer belt life.
Improved Adhesion Levels
Special chemical bonding techniques ensure very high adhesion levels between cover to ply and ply to ply, achieving superior belt consolidation and higher peel resistance for NEELKANTH belts.
Outstanding Impact Resistance
High adhension levels and presence of thich rubber cushions between plies provides outstanding impact resistance to NEELKANTH belts and eliminates cover stripping and ply to ply delamination.
Complete Rot Resistance
Use of synthetic fabric plies and superior edge constructions, the NEELKANTH belts ensure total protection against damaging effects of moisture.
Superior Troughing & Flexibility
Higher transverse flexibility of NEELKANTH belts allows deeper troughing, improvingvolumetric transfer capacity of conveyors. At the same time, higher longitudinal felxibility allows use of smaller pulleys diameter and reduces flex fatigue.
Protection from Mild Dew
The belting is protected from mild dew & microbiological attack. The resistance to moisture absorption of synthetic fabric avoids adhesive breakdown even under wet conditions.
Improved Load Support
The high modulus, high strength, heat tempered fabrics provide the right balance of properties for correct troughing and adequate load support.
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