NEELKANTH range of Conveyor Belts covers a wide spectrum of types and applications. The following programme is a pointer towards the reach and production capabilities of NEELKANTH.
Width : Upto 2500mm
Length : Open or Endless
Plies : 3 to 7 plies
Cover Thickness : Upto 40mm
Tensile Strength : Upto 2500 KN/M
Types of Synthetic Carcass : General Duty (GD), Extra Duty (ED) & Heavy Duty (HD)
Edges : Cut edge or Moulded edge
Breaker Ply : Breaker is provided on face, back and edges as per customers requirement
Ply Construction : Straight Ply, Stepped Ply and Reversed Stepped Ply.
Fabric :
NEELKANTH belts are manufactured with a variety of fabrics like cotton/cotton, cotton/nylon and synthetic fabrics like nylon/nylon grade N6 or N66 and polyester/nylon (EP)
(i) Cotton/Cotton Fabric - The conventional cotton/cotton fabrics used are 28oz, 32oz, 36oz, 42oz & 48oz
(ii) Cotton Nylon Fabrics - The belts with cotton nylon fabrics have higher carrying capacityas they trough more than cotton fabric belts. The cotton nylon fabrics are CN40, CN50, CN60, CN70, CN75, CN90, CN100, CN130, CN150
(iii) Synthetic Fabric - The synthetic fabrics are the most effective reinforcement for conveyor belts. The extra strength and controlled rigidity obtained from synthetic fabric carcass combined with high levels of ply to ply adhesion enable less bulky constructions to be employed compared with conventional cotton/cotton or cotton/nylon fabrics. The belts with synthetic fabric carcsss offers a longer service life with improved performance under arduous conditions.
Skim Coating :  
Skim coating is offered as standard construction in nylon/nylon, polyester/nylon carcass.
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